Eagle Controller Commands

The following details the commands supported by version 1.3 of the controller software.

Controlling via http

You can control the LEDs via http by sending textual commands to controller. The format looks like this:

http://[ip address]/message?content=[message]

You may also navigate to the home page and enter commands there.

Controlling vs UDP

If you want realtime control of the LEDs, http may have too much latency, which may result in unexpected pauses. The controller also supports communicating through UDP. To connect via UDP, use the same IP address, port 4210, and pass commands directly. The internal controller code runs at 100 Hz; if you drive with UDP messages at 60 Hz everything should just work great.

Supported Messages

The following commands are supported:


Alternate between two colors.


r1, g1, b1: the rgb values (0,255) for the first color (0-255)
r2, b2, b2: the rgb values for the second color
time: the time for each color

Example: alt_0,100,000,000,000,000,250

Blend to

Blend from the current color to a specified color


r, g, b: the rgb values (0,255) for the new color
time: the time for the blend

Example: rgb_255,255,255,1000

Color rotate

Rotate through a bunch of different colors.


speed: the speed of the rotate
brightness: The brightness of the colors

Example: col_5000,200

Flash decay


decay: the speed of the decay
min: the minimum pause before the next flash
max: the maximum pause before the next flash

Example: fdcx250,10,500

Full control

Full control is used to control the color of all the leds directly.


chunk: the number of leds to apply each set of data to.
data-bytes: colors express as two digit HEX values in the format RRGGBB

Example: ind_011,000044440000004400

Each color in data-bytes will apply to 11 LEDs. The data-bytes contain 3 color values: 000044 – a blue value 440000 – a red value 000044 – a green value

Set color by chunks

Set color by chunks of <n> leds.
count: the number of LEDs to set to this color
r,g,b: the rgb value to use

Random flash and hold

Flash some random colors and then hold on the last color


flashTime: the time for each flash
flashCount: the number of colors to flash
waitTime: the time to hold the last color


Animation chaining

The Eagle Controller supports chaining together animations. It will cycle between all of the specified animations in order. 


count: The count in 10 mS units 
animation_command: the animation command

Example: $1000$colx500,180$1000$fdcx250,10,500$1000

The controller can support up to animation chains up to 3000 characters long.


Save the current animation so that it will use that animation when rebooting.


Set pixel count

Set the number of pixels that the controller will use. This will result in a reboot of the controller.


count: the number of pixels

Example: n_13