Fade Animation System

Fade Animation System

The Fade Animation System is a software program that runs on the ESP-32 microcontroller and makes it easy to create animations using either addressable WS2812 LEDs (aka "Neopixels") or PWM-based LEDs.

Fade animations are written using a language known as "Fade". Fade animation code can easily be modified using any web browser by connecting to the ESP-32.

In addition to the firmware that runs on the ESP-32, there is the WinFade authoring and testing environment that runs on Windows. This allows you to author and test various animations quickly without downloading them to the ESP-32. When you have an animation working the way you want, you can easily download it to the ESP from withing the WinFade Environment.

A Fade language reference is here.

A Fade language tutorial is here.

Source code for the system lives on GitHub here.


Video Introduction