Globe of Fire / Dodecehedral Light Engine - A Soldering Challenge


The Globe of Fire/Dodecahedral Light Engine is a small (approximately 2" or 50mm) dodecehedron made from circuit boards. 11 of the faces are populated with WS2812 addressable LEDs, and the color and brightness of every LED can be controlled independently.

The kit comes with all the parts that you need to make the globe:

I sell on Tindie


The Globe is assembled out of 11 polygonal circuit boards that each contain three LEDs and 1 polygonal circuit board that is used for mounting. Connecting them all together will be a good test of your soldering skills.

Please refer to the assembly instructions for more information.


Once the Globe is assembled, the following two items are needed to make it work:

A Power supply

You will need a 5V power supply that can supply 2 amps of power if you want to use white on all the LEDs. If you use a power supply that produces less current, the Globe will produce less light and the colors may not be accurate. You can safely use a power supply that can provide more than 2 amps if you wish.

A controller

The Eagle Controller can be used to control the Globe. It provides several predefined animations for the Globe and can be configured from your phone or laptop. See the Eagle Controller page for more information.

In addition, you can use any controller that works with WS2812 LEDs. If you wish to create your own controller, I recommend using the Fastled library on a controller such as the Arduino or a ESP8266 board such as as the NodeMcu D1 Mini. If you go this route, you will need to write your own computer code to make the DLE work.


When using the Globe, the best results come from using some sort of diffuser around the globe. You can find plastic lamp globes at hardware or home improvement stores, or online; here is one source.